Written Testimonies:

"I Grew Up in a Polygamist Family"

Kathy Jo Nicholson's life story as published in Christianity Today magazine.

"Today I am Happy!"

Heartbreak and joy mark this woman's journey from bondage to polygamy to freedom in Christ.

From Polygamist Daughter to Child of the King

A young woman flees a the horrors of deprivation and abuse at the hands of her polygamist parents, and years of religious bondage melt away when she eventually encounters the true Jesus Christ

I Wanted Out!

Feeling pressure from her fundamentalist group leaders to marry into a polygamist family, her rebellion got the better of her...and possibly saved her from many years of hardship. But it was only when she found Jesus Christ that her freedom was complete.

Seeking the Truth

Growing up in a very controlling fundamentalist group, this man, like all others in his group, had to "consecrate" all earnings and possessions to the church--in essense, live a communist lifestyle, with no property rights at all. This eventually became the bone of contention that led him out of the group--and eventually into the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Good Had the Victory over Evil

Married at 17 to a man older than her father, she escaped with her children after sixteen years of bondage. Yet it wasn't until some time later that she realized her true bondage was not to polygamy, but to a life without Jesus.

They Said They Were Different...

...but they weren't." This young woman shares her story of polygamous betrothal, and her rescue from an upcoming plural marriage. She had contacted A Shield and Refuge seeking help, and by God's grace, we were able to successfully extract her from this situation and assist her to finding true freedom in Jesus Christ.

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