Who We Are   †   What We Do

Our Purpose:

To proclaim the good news of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ; and to be an agent of freedom and restoration for those seeking liberty from the physical, emotional, and spiritual bondage of polygamy and Mormon fundamentalism.

Our Vision:

  • To assist, enable, and participate in the rescue of those seeking freedom from a polygamist lifestyle, situation, community, or culture

  • To provide for immediate physical needs of new "refugees" and provide long-term assistance in the transition to life "on the outside"

  • To make known the soul-saving and life-changing biblical message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone, and freedom from the burden of striving for salvation through plural marriage.

Our Mission:

We consider Mormon fundamentalists as a largely "unreached people group" in our own country, due to the secrecy and culture of many of their closed communities. We also consider that they are part of the world in which Jesus Christ, in his Great Commision, has called us to go out and minister in His name.

While we proclaim the centrality of Jesus Christ, and actively encourage those we help to seek a genuine relationship with Him, we do NOT place any religious or spiritual requirements, conditions, or expectations upon anyone seeking assistance from Shield and Refuge.

Read our Statement of Faith

What is being done:

  • We make ourselves available as a point of first contact for struggling Mormon Fundamentalists. In many cases, those considering leaving a Fundamentalist / polygamist situation are struggling with fear. We provide a safe, confidential "point of contact" for those who need someone to speak with, to learn about options, about help that is available, and about potential exit strategies.

  • We share important information, and the good news of Jesus Christ through a variety of media including this website, various multimedia productions, and a weekly Internet television program, Polygamy: What Love Is This.

  • We provide a strong biblical foundation for our message of good news of FREEDOM from polygamy and fundamentalism. Fundamentalists believe that polygamy and the other ordinances of Fundamentalist Mormonism are the key to pleasing God. We point them to the good news that it is faith in Jesus alone that pleases God. Besides personal contacts and counseling, we make available a wide variety of materials to assist them in understanding these beautiful truths. (We do NOT, however, make acceptance or participation in biblical teaching or counsel a requirement for assistance.)

  • We coordinate and facilitate "exits" for those who are ready to leave, but do not have the resources to do so on their own. Depending on the situation (every one is different), this can include personal risk on our parts, for which we continually ask for prayer!

  • We coordinate and facilitate immediate, short-term provision for basic needs. We do this through a network of gracious and generous people who provide short-term housing and feeding (everywhere from a few days to a few months) for exiting families.

  • We assist in establishing a long-term, self-sufficient, stable living situation. We do this through life skills training (where needed), coordination with social services, job finding and training, etc.

  • We work toward the realization of our vision for a safe house facility for exiting polygamists and refugees of Mormon fundamentalism (visit the Hagar Home for more information.

  • We are in it for the long haul. The problems facing exiting fundamentalists require long-term relationships and dedicated investment into peoples' lives. There are no quick answers or band-aid solutions. But with God's grace, we make ourselves available to those who seek our assistance, and we do all that God has given us to do in providing for their physical needs, and encouraging, training, and discipling them in their spiritual needs.

A Shield and Refuge Ministry consists, in part, of former members of Mormon fundamentalist (polygamist) groups. As such, we understand the life, the needs, and the hearts of Mormon fundamentalists. Just like each of us, and the rest of the world, they need Jesus too!

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