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Come to me...

A Shield and Refuge Ministry is a loving, Christ-centered outreach
to those seeking freedom from Mormon Fundamentalism and Polygamy.

Are you...
...in a polygamist situation and want help to leave?   
Mormon Fundamentalists
...looking for information about Mormon fundamentalism?
Book of Mormon
...looking for answers to questions about your fundamentalist faith?   
...interested in what
A Shield and Refuge is doing? 

The God Who Sees Me

a new film from
A Shield and Refuge Ministry,
in partnership with Sacred Groves films:
The God Who Sees Me
Coming to DVD in 2013


©2013 by A Shield and Refuge Ministry
P.O. Box 651292
Salt Lake City, UT 84165
Toll Free: (877)-425-9993
Fax: (435) 921-0426

A Shield and Refuge is a ministry of
Main Street Church of Brigham City

E-mail: contact@shieldandrefuge.org

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