February 2018
Dear Praying Friends,

During October 2017 we had the pleasure of hosting a small group of Christians from North Carolina. A few of us told our stories of coming out of the LDS church or out of Mormon polygamy.  Our visitors were shocked and appalled when they learned about the heresies of Mormonism including Mormon polygamy, they were speechless when they learned that the politics and legal authority in the Mormon west will do nothing to stop the increased lawlessness that empowers polygamy groups to continue without threat of accountability. Many of them said what we have heard many times before, “We had no idea this kind of thing is going on in our country. Why isn’t something done about it?  Christians outside of Utah need to know what’s going on!”

We agree! That’s why we offer to come to any congregation, study group, convention or evangelistic meeting to explain the truth of what IS going on in Mormonism and Mormon polygamy. We are grateful for every opportunity to share our ministry and experiences with Christians around the country. We do not charge speaking fees, we only ask for help with travel expenses.

Jesus told us to tell the world His Gospel—we each have our own corner of the world in which to do this— and we are blessed every time we share the Good News of God’s love and amazing grace that through Jesus Christ — died for our sins—but three days later, left behind an empty tomb! There is no greater news possible.

Most who are born and raised in Mormon polygamy groups go to their graves believing that their loyalty to their polygamy group has indebted God to them. They look forward to waking up in heaven and rewarded with the promotion to godhood. They believe that since the beginning—God was a polygamist who begat millions of spirit babies each with the potential of becoming a god in their own right through righteous living and polygamy. They need the truth!!

Colossians 1:13-14 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

God has rescued us, may He use us as POWER TOOLS to help rescue them. We are available to speak to your group about Mormon polygamy.  Just call Doris at 801-649-3103



“Thank you. I also had some similar experiences, but to a lesser degree in the Mormon Church. I had questions to which I could never get any clear answers. Finally, in my early forties, I left the church and have become a Christian. I have enjoyed listening to your program over the years, both on TV and here. Thanks so much for all your insight. God Bless You!”


“I listen to your program each week and have been so enlightened by the information that you provide along with the ex-mormon files program have been able to stand up to the missionaries that confront me since I know more of what they believe. Both that have confronted me on the street say they feel sorry for me before they leave but it is I that feel sorry for them.

“The reason I wrote is because of the information from these programs I am able to see the depth of the wickedness of Joseph Smith and how sad it is that his teaching has lead millions away from the Lord instead of to the Lord. I came upon this verse this morning and I thought how true it was of Joseph Smith.”


Three FLDS Hildale Barlow brothers have been charged with income tax fraud. They filed false tax returns using false addresses. They have taken the U.S. Government for 2.6 million dollars. The defense argued that the Barlow brothers were told by the FLDS leadership "they needed to bring in large sums of money, no matter what." The news report also stated the brothers pleaded not guilty. Judge Stewart, has released them on good behavior as he did Lyle Jeffs a year ago. It seems like it's hard to bring justice in this predominately Mormon state.

It is no surprise that another sexual abuse lawsuit is being filed against members of the FLDS polygamy group. The 21 year old woman uses only her initials R.H. to protect her identity. The latest lawsuit accuses imprisoned Warren Jeffs and other men in the FLDS of repeatedly abducting her in the middle of the night for ritualistic sexual abuse. She alleges that FLDS leader Warren Jeffs and other prominent men in the polygamy group, forcibly took her and other young girls between eight and fourteen years old to secret locations for forcible and ritual sex abuse. The FLDS men named are Lyle Jeffs, Seth Jeffs, Wendell Nielsen and Warren Jeffs. The accuser released a statement which said, “I have filed this lawsuit in order to hold certain parties accountable for the religious-based systemic sexual abuse of young children. Even though Warren Jeffs is in prison, it is my belief and personal experience that these abuses continue.” Evidence that was recovered during the raid at the YFZ ranch in Eldorado, Texas in 2008 is being used as proof of the woman’s accusations.

So far the accused men have not responded to the charges. Her attorneys represented Elissa Wall who won her lawsuit against Warren Jeffs for forcing her marriage to her cousin at age 14.

More information will follow as it is made known.

NOTE:  The crimes committed by the Mormon Fundamentalist leadership will not stop with time, but will continue and will become even more depraved. The bible tells us that evil men and deceivers will become worse and worse, 2 Timothy 3:13. The polygamous leadership are the blind leading the blind, tragically they will all perish, Matthew 15:14. We are working to bring Biblical truths to polygamists, both the leaders and their blinded followers.  Please pray for an abundant harvest in 2018.

Stories of People We've Helped

In this space are stories of some of the people and families that A Shield and Refuge Ministry have helped escape from polygamy. Real names places and dates are changed to keep the privacy , confidentiality and safety of those we’ve helped.  

From Mormonism to Polygamy:

   Another troubling call for help came several years ago when a Mormon man called me with his story of being abandoned by his Mormon wife of 20 years. She left him to join a Mormon polygamy group; he was desperate and wondered if there was any way we could help him find his wife and four children.

It all began he told me, when close relatives of his wife came to visit. They began talking to her about the polygamists that live in the Manti, Utah area. They discussed original Mormonism with her, and polygamy that had been given by commandment and through revelation to their revered prophet, Joseph Smith. They filled her head and mind with all kinds of information of early Mormonism and the need for polygamy.  They were actually undertaking a familiar ‘brainwashing’ technique with the goal of seducing her into a polygamy group and ultimately a polygamous marriage.

At first she just listened, then after they left, she decided to personally investigate the group. Strangely, her parents lived in the area and were also members of the Mormon church. They seemed to facilitate her investigation and would lend support if she decided to leave her husband and join the polygamy group.

After her personal visit to the area, she had come back home to her husband and family. Life seemed to return to normal during the following couple of years, except that they would often telephone her and discuss their fundamentalist beliefs for hours at a time. Then suddenly she was gone again - she took everything in the house, furniture and furnishings, she didn’t even leave him a pillow or a blanket - everything was gone - she left him with nothing, and she took their four children too.

He didn’t know what to do, he was almost paralyzed with grief and disbelief. He asked for our help to get wife and children back. I told him we would do what we could but ultimately, the decision to return had to be hers, however, he had the legal right to see his children.

I drove to the Manti area that he spoke of, and personally went to the place he told me she was working in hopes to see her and perhaps have a kindly conversation with her. All my efforts to find her, to even catch a glimpse of her failed.

Our conversations back and forth went on for several months. He was finally able to contact his children and talk with them on the phone.  He would speak with his wife as well, but he said, they were all more or less robotic in their responses. He supplied funds to support his children and offered them his home if they ever wanted to come and visit or stay. They never did. His wife never divorced him, but she did become a plural to another man - her husband couldn’t find out who he was.

After so much grief and failed efforts to get his family back, he finally gave up, left his home in the West and moved across the country settling in the Northeast.

This is a classic story of recruiting Mormon women into polygamy.

Some are easily brainwashed and/or are shamed into surrendering to plural marriage. Their foundation is their Mormon scriptures, their founding ‘prophet’ Joseph Smith commanded the practice, in fact he threatened the Lord’s destruction on those who refuse.

Brigham Young said:
"Now if any of you will deny the plurality of wives and continue to do so, I promise that you will be damned.”

But the Bible Says:
Thou shalt NOT commit adultery.  Exodus 20:14


Excerpt from Brigham’s Destroying Angel, by Wild Bill Hickman

“Well, what next? I was one of those men who had a plurality of wives, and had children by them all. I had as quiet a family as any one I ever saw of that kind, and what I had done in that matter I had done in all good faith. I had not violated the Congressional law of ’62 prohibiting polygamy. Neither did I ever expect to, ’58 being the last year I had taken a wife. I felt under obligations to take care of my wives and children; but, to use their own language about me they seemed determined to use me up [kill him]. The Bishop and others would say to my wives that I was a bad man, and commenced persuading them to leave me; and they would see that they took their children with them, and I should give them all they would ask. ... I many times would ask them what I had done, and what was wanted of me? Their reply was, “Oh! you have been with the Gentiles and their dirty Government officers and have betrayed us; it is you that has put Gen. Connor in possession of all the news that has gone to Washington about the Mormons.” I would tell them that I had not, and even went so far as to have the General say he had never heard me say anything about the Mormons that would be criminal; but all this seemed to do no good whatever.

About this time, one of Joseph Smith’s sons, from Illinois, came to Utah and preached several times, always raking Brigham Young for his misconduct and digression from the principles of Mormonism. The general feeling was very bitter against him. I went to see him, as I told him, out of respect to his father... This was enough: what I had not done before, I had done now, and I was in for what was called “Josephism,” and that was enough to damn anybody.

I saw I could do nothing in this country, and concluded to leave. I sold my place, ...prepared my wagons, and got teams ready to start. I was abused by every low dog that came along, for being an apostate. I tried to argue with some about the necessity of my going away under the circumstances, but it was of no use. A great many said they did not blame me, would go too, if they were treated as I had been. About the time I was ready to start, I got word from my friends that there was no use of my trying to get out of the Territory with my family and stock, for they were watching the roads, by order of Brigham Young, and I would be certain to be killed.”

(Wild Bill Hickman was a henchman for Brigham Young.)

We are always interested in what our readers and supporters find interesting regarding the topic of polygamy.

If you have a particular question, or would like information on a news event or topic relating to polygamy, or have a concern, we invite you to send your request to us via email:  doris@shieldandrefuge.org We also like to receive suggestions for topics to cover on our weekly internet and Roku broadcasts. Feel free to let us know what’s on your mind.

Also, if you know anyone who is in polygamy who has questions or may want to escape, they can contact us at:  Toll free:  1-877-425-9993

For your Prayers … 

  • Please pray for “T”. She is the 1st wife of a polygamist man and is seeking guidance about her increasing dislike of the plural-wife lifestyle.  Pray God will touch her deeply and not only bring her out of polygamy but that she will seek and trust Jesus for her eternal life in the process.

  • Pray for God’s provision and supreme guidance for 2018.  Pray we can help more and more precious folks to seek salvation in Jesus alone, through His grace alone.
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