MARCH 2016
Dear Friends,

Doris Hanson, Director,
A Shield and Refuge Ministry

As the finishing touches were being made to our Newsletter a news flash hit the network news broadcasts and telephone calls came pouring in. Acting on sealed warrants the IRS and other police agencies had begun a systematic raid on many Kingston Polygamy Group businesses. As this Newsletter goes to the printer, there are few details known about the raid, but we can be sure, that when the “money trail” is followed, corruption can be discovered and the IRS is usually hot on the trail. The Kingston polygamy group is well funded, worth multi-millions of dollars yet they force their members to live in dumpy homes and many of them testify to obtaining some of their food out of garbage dumpsters.

Much focus has been centered on the FLDS recently which has opened up many secrets of their group leadership to close scrutiny. Investigations that are just as unrelenting should be targeted at the other polygamy groups that are involved in the same practices as the FLDS.

We want to help people who are caught up in the deceit and false doctrine of the Mormon polygamy groups. We are not here to mock or make fun of them. God cares about all of them with His deep redemptive love. But the patriarchal hierarchy of these groups needs to be destroyed. The lies, the child labor, the hidden bookkeeping, the illegal marriages and incest should be exposed for the public eye to see, and we hope that is the result of this investigation. Please pray with us that God will hold responsible all those who suppress the truth by their wickedness (Romans 1:18) and that He will set free those who have been held captive by their false doctrine of salvation through polygamy.

Doris Hanson


Our suspicions are proving to have more of a foundation than we could dream. We’ve constantly scratched our heads wondering why Utah politicians and the legal community in Utah have long protected known polygamists in our state. Many have suggested that the politicians may be in the back pockets of the polygamists - this may be proving to be true.

According to Utah Representative Mike Noel, of Kanab, Utah, our laws need to be tweaked so that law-abiding polygamists do not need to fear prosecution under Utah law. Our state constitution forbids polygamy “forever” but Noel said he’s not trying to change our constitution. He just wants to be sure that everyone is treated equally in marriage, as long as there is no other criminality involved.

"We don't want to punish them [polygamists]...who are obeying all other laws," said Noel. All the FLDS-type activities will still be illegal he said.

For some odd reason, Rep. Noel seems to think that only the FLDS are guilty of child sex abuses, child marriages and other crimes for which polygamy groups are notorious.

Noel said that polygamy groups like the Davis County Kingstons, have long had acceptable businesses and lifestyles. He seems to think they are a safe polygamy group. Actually the Kingston polygamy group is very well-known for its illegal domestic and business practices; incest is doctrinal in their group as are young marriages. We have discovered that Rep. Noel received donations from the Kingston-owned Washakie Renewable Energy, a lucrative business in northern Utah. No wonder we can get no one to listen to our pleas to stop polygamy and protect the women and children of polygamy groups.

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“I was well introduced in Utah to several persons who have been prominent in Mormon affairs and upon my assuring them I would not divulge their names, they gave me much valuable information... “


“There have been murdered by white Indians (i. e. Mormons), thousands of people who tried to emigrate from Utah, being dissatisfied with Mormonism. They were murdered by church orders. My informants would not limit the number to hundreds. They also say many emigrants were murdered on their way to and from California. Their goods were placed in the Tithing House, and their teams driven back into the Territory. ...This will account for many who left the States for California, who were never heard from, and are supposed to have been killed by Indians. One of the gate keepers divulged much. He is now dead, In a religious system that has caused so much human suffering, and committed so many crimes, worthy of self-government even a Territorial form? A party told me Utah had been bathed in blood and women's tears. A woman's virtue or a man's life is of no account to the Mormon leaders.”


 “After Joseph Smith's death, Brigham Young told his widow, Emma, that she had destroyed her husband. The Mormons knew that she caused the prophet Joseph's death. Brigham told her she had got to be sealed to him, and they were going to emigrate. He told her she would not put on any airs with him. He said, ‘"If you don't mind me I will have you cut in inch pieces and make fish bait of you.’" Emma Smith wrote to Governor Ford of Illinois and he wrote to her not to be annoyed by him. The Governor wrote to Brigham Young that he did not think it possible that they were practicing polygamy, but that if he heard any more about it he would have it investigated. Immediately after receiving Governor Ford's letter Brigham began preparations to move from Nauvoo.


“If Joseph Smith HAD BEEN what he CLAIMED TO BE, A Prophet of the most High God, ALL HIS FOLLOWERS WOULD BE AS MUCH OBLIGATED to OBEY HIS SO-CALLED POLYGAMY REVELATION of July 12, 1843, as were the DESCENDANTS of JACOB to OBEY MOSES or Christians the Commands of Christ, HIS Disciples and Apostles.” Naked Truths About Mormonism, Vol. I. No. 1. (January, 1888), edited by Arthur B. Deming


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I watch your show each week and have since its inception. I am still on the rolls of the LDS church, although I haven't attended services in more than 10 years. Please know that there are hundreds of people who are like me…who feel they were deceived when the Church doctrines were explained to them by nice young men who seemed to be genuinely telling God's truth. And we were advised not to read anything that was not approved by the Church.

Only after several personal events, over 35 years, where the doctrine was changed, I started to question the truthfulness of all I had been taught.

 So I thank you, daily, and I pray for your continued ministry of God's truth. I know what the truth is now and I am so glad that I found it, and that I know my Savior...Thank you again, “J”


Dearest Miss Doris Hanson,

 First of all I would like to congratulate you on your show, I am following it via YOUTUBE ... Now you might wonder, why is a German woman following our show? Well, simply cause I cannot believe that it is still possible to practice polygamy in the U.S. because of ..religious reasons. I was absolutely blown away, when I watched a documentary about Polygamy. I nearly fell off my sofa when the show started, ... And like every other person that never had anything to do with Mormons or their religion I shook my head and thought.. well, let them live, its only a religion and just let them be, ... skip it … its their problem, and if they are happy so let them be... Stupid and uneducated I was at the time I only laughed about them, I never thought I would find the truth of the horror that is happening every day. “L”  

Book: Is Polygamy Biblical?

Is Polygamy Biblical?
(Excerpts from our book)

Biblical scholars have suggested, and the evidence indicates, that this is most probably when harems  first became a part of society. God subsequently flooded the earth to destroy all the evil, saving only  the righteous (and monogamous) Noah and his family. Cain's lineage, from which polygamy first  began, was destroyed in the flood!

Noah and each of his three sons had only one wife each. If polygamy were a requirement for righteousness, as, then why was Noah's family monogamous? And more to the point—if polygamy was instead a significant part of the evil that prompted God to  condemn and flood the earth, then what does God think of polygamy today? This suggests that there is nothing godly or spiritual about the practice of polygamy - it only hurts and brings great pain to those caught up in its practice.

Throughout humanity's wicked history, there have always been wars and tribal hostilities. Often, many of the men in a tribe or nation would be killed off, which left many helpless women and children. The women and young girls would often be taken captive by the conquerors as slaves and concubines. These men would populate their harems from captive or abducted women.

So, no longer was the woman to be the "help mate" that God had created her to be; rather, she became a sexual slave, something to  be used and treated as property, one of many, with no special treatment as a wife. The man has not left his father and mother and cleaved to his wife, but has instead corrupted his home, his family and his God-given heritage by his lustful immorality. Oddly  enough, many women are never enough. Once a man tries to be  satisfied by many, many are still not enough to satisfy.


Most polygamist groups use the Biblical account of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar to justify polygamy, or even to suggest that  polygamy was God's idea. Some go so far as to call it "the Law of Abraham." Because Abraham is frequently upheld in the Old and New Testaments as God's friend and an example of righteousness, many incorrectly presume that because Abraham and Hagar cohabitated, God condoned the practice. But when we take a closer look at the story, we'll see that the opposite is true.
(Continued next month)

Please Pray ...

  • For a mother and her three children who have been under our care for almost a year. She is ready to go out on her own. Pray for her well-being in Jesus, for her safety and for the children to grow up knowing and serving Jesus.

  • Pray for the continued investigations of the polygamy groups. Pray That politics won’t sabotage justice and that God will make the bare-bones truth known in all they do and in all they’ve done.

  • Pray for us as we continue to negotiate for our Hagar Home, the safehouse we’ve been praying about. Pray we will lock into God’s will and the cost of the building will be according to the resources God has blessed us with.
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