Canada Polygamy Canadian Polygamy Video Affidavits

We have provided links to online video of depositions of former Fundamentalists and polygamists who were interviewed by lawyers trying to uphold the anti-polygamy laws in Canada. They are raw and unedited, and so viewer discretion is advised.

Available Depositions:

Paula Barrett (34 mins)
Jorjina Broadbent (47 mins)
Sarah Hammon (40 mins)
Brent Jeffs (33 mins)
Brenda Jensen (70 mins)
Carolyn Jessop (102 mins)
Ruth Lane, Part 1 (17 mins)
Ruth Lane, Part 2 (29 mins)

Howard Mackert (82 mins)
Kathleen Mackert (62 mins)
Mary Mackert (76 mins)

Rena Mackert (53 mins)
Richard Ream (76 mins)
Teresa Wall (103 mins)

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